Heating and Cooling with Furnaces and Boilers

For many years, manufacturers in the industry have released many HVAC system related products. Boilers, in particular, have been used by shipping companies to power their engines and optimize their courier services. Boilers will for sure still be part of the industry as it has served as one of the backbones of such processes. Some boilers, even the old models, and units are still used until today.

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These advancements are due to the fact that there are many equipment and appliances that are powered by either heating or cooling. Using equipment like heating and cooling … read full article...

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Boil Away

In the early times of the 1st century AD, boilers were already present thanks to Hero of Alexandria – although it was first made as a toy and not for central heating. It was only a lot after the 1st century – during the 17th century – that it was seen in another light where its potential on practical work with steam power was noticed. It was in 1679 when Denis Papin of France who premeditated the first boiler which had safety valves. Afterward, the start of the production of boilers was opened in England in the 18th century. … read full article...

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