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Tutorial: 4-Function Calculator

This is a straightforward infix calculator, just like most low-cost calculators you have ever owned.  By "infix" we mean that the function keys are entered between the numbers, as in the example at the left.  This is different from some so-called RPN calculators that require you to enter both numbers first, followed by the function key.  As you enter numbers, they appear in the data entry window above the keypad.

There is not too much to add here.  You can enter digits by using the mouse to press the buttons, but most people will find it easier to enter the data from the keyboard.  Likewise, all of the basic functions (+, - etc.) can be entered on the keyboard.  the ESC key performs a clear.  The ENTER key works like the equal sign.  You can backspace to correct a typo.

You may notice that as you enter numbers and functions into the calculator, mysterious things start showing up on the IntelliTape.  This is normal, and after a few minutes the mystery will start to go away.  You don't need to worry about that right now.

One final note.  For the calculator to operate, the Windows cursor must be inside the data entry window in the 4-function calculator.  ActiCalc works hard to keep the cursor in that window.  However, there may be some cases when you lose the cursor.  If that happens, you will type data and functions, but nothing happens.  In this case, simply click the mouse on the data window in the 4-function calculator.

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