Do You Really Need a Furnace Installation Follow Up? The Answer Is Yes

Why do you need furnace installation follow up?

When looking for a competent company to install a new furnace, many times customer aren’t concerned about ‘customer service’. Many homeowners would rather the service techs just come in, do their job adequately, and scurry on their way to the next site. The truth is, companies strongly believe that the HVAC Technician and the customer should have a communicative relationship, especially in explaining what exactly they’re doing and teaching the residents how to operate the furnace.

An area of customer service that more than a few homeowners might deem unnecessary is the follow up check after the furnace installation. All to often it’s easy to say, “we got this” rather than make a scheduled visit to be home so the company can make sure everything is in working order. The truth is this follow up is arguably one of the most important parts of the furnace installation for a number of reasons:

System Check

The main reason for the follow up diagnoses a couple weeks after the furnace installation is to make sure the system is operating as it should be. It’s hard to get a full report on the heater until it has cycled extensively and been put through the full wear and tear of continual use. HVAC technicians can compare their readings related to system pressure and thermostat settings to make sure they’re in-line with those from day one. It would be a travesty to let a furnace run efficiently for months or even years without an inspection so a follow-up check can really be a money saver.

Operating Instructions

While any good HVAC technician will teach the homeowner detailed operating instructions during the initial install, you really don’t understand a system until you start operating it. Knowing how to use features on a programmable thermostat for instance aren’t just for convenience, they are truly money saving advantages.

Air Readings

Having an improper furnace installation is about much more than paying higher energy bills – the truth is it can be dangerous. Another reason for the follow up inspection after the furnace installation is to make sure the system isn’t leaking any carbon monoxide or other harmful chemicals into the air. Inspecting the furnace a few weeks in is about safety just as much as information and cost savings.

Furnace Installation

Build A Friendly Relationship

While you shouldn’t experience any problems with a furnace installation for the first few years of ownership, there will come a time when you may need 24/7 service. A follow up inspection is also about building a nice HVAC relationship with a company you can trust. Checking back in after the install shows that the company cares about your well-being and isn’t just trying to make a buck. Just like a trusty auto mechanic, it’s good to have a furnace and air-conditioning company you’re confident in.

The next time you’re tempted to say, “we got this” about a furnace installation follow up, pause and take a moment to realize that the after visit is an equally important part of getting a new HVAC system.