How Much Does It Cost To Clean Your Drains?

Are you considering a drain cleaning in WinnipegHow much does it cost to clean your drains? Before you make a decision, you should understand what different drain cleaning methods involve. You can choose from Hydro-jetting, Chemical drain cleaners, Snakes, and Camera inspections. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each type. And, of course, you’ll learn how much each one costs. We’ll also explain why specific methods are better than others.


You are not alone if you are worried about the cost of hydro-jetting your drains. Many homeowners aren’t aware that this drain cleaning costs anywhere from $200 to $3,000. It’s better to spend the money on something that will be more effective than DIY methods. The cost of hydro-jetting depends on several factors: the size of the drain; the location; and the severity of the clog.

If you’re wondering what hydro-jetting costs to clean your drains, you’ll be glad to know that this type of service is much more reliable than other methods. Some types of pipes, for example, aren’t built to handle the force of hydro-jetting. You can also use a drain snake service or a cable machine to clear clogs. However, hydro-jetting is your best bet if you have an especially severe clog or tree roots in your sewer line.

Chemical drain cleaners

There are several different types of chemical drain cleaners, but the most common one is acidic. Often made from hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, these chemicals will clear up a significant clog in minutes. These chemicals are safe for modern plastic and metal pipes but not older ones. Acid drain cleaners also produce heat and can cause burns to the skin and eyes. It is essential to wear protective gear when using these cleaners, including gloves and goggles.

But what exactly are these chemicals? These compounds are highly corrosive and can damage your pipes. They can eat away at plastic and metal pipes and damage toilet bowls. Not only are these chemicals dangerous to use on plumbing, but they can also harm children and pets. And, of course, their cost is unaffordable. There are better alternatives to chemical drain cleaners. Let’s look at the main reasons why you should avoid these chemicals.


How much does it cost to clean your drains? It depends on the type of clog, the location, and the solution. Call a plumber or plumbing company in your area to get an accurate price. Depending on the plumbing company, a drain clog service will cost anywhere from $109 to $214. Depending on the service, a plumber may charge between $50 and $150 per hour.

If you’d like to do it yourself, a plumbing snake can remove the clog. However, if you’re not comfortable using one, a plumber or drain cleaning company will do it for a fee. A plumber can clear a drain for a $100 to $250 price. If tree roots clog the drain, a plumber can use a rooter machine to remove them. The cost of a drain snake depends on the clog size, difficulty of access, and effectiveness of the snake. A plumber can clean a drain with a snake that can reach deep inside the pipes during a plumbing service.

Camera inspection – How much does it cost to clean your drains?

If your drains are blocked, a camera inspection will determine whether you need to unclog them. How much does it cost to clean your drains using a camera? Most plumbers will charge between $175 and $225 for the service. However, costs may vary depending on the type of inspection and the accessibility of the sewer line. If a plumber can’t access the line, it will complicate the process and add labour costs. 

Camera inspection services are expensive, so ensure you’re comfortable paying for them separately. Prices for a simple drain cleaning can range from $100 to 275 dollars. The exact process can cost up to $2,000 if you have a tough clog requiring hydro jetting or a drain line repair.

While a sewer camera can only go so far, a sewer drone can travel hundreds of feet under your property. A plumber can determine which drains are best suited for a camera inspection by analyzing the drain’s scope. After deciding which drains need cleaning, the plumber will run the device until they find the problem or the end of your private line. They will then present the findings. A professional plumber can use sophisticated equipment with bright lights and self-levelling technology to ensure a well-executed inspection.